Job offers

  1. Postdoctoral Fellow (two years or more; position is available starting October 2017)

    Research Unit: Department of Biochemistry

    Laboratory Location: University of California, Riverside, USA

    Function: Research of RNA biology and epigenetics in neurons and stem cells.

    Mission: We investigate the function and phenotypic impact of RNA-binding proteins in two cellular paradigms: 1) neuronal differentiation and neuronal activity-dependent responses, and 2) stem cell maintenance, with an eye toward a related process of cancer development. We employ a broad range of biochemical, genetic, cellular, and computational approaches to obtain a systems-level understanding of the regulatory roles of protein–RNA complexes. We also develop novel methods combining bioengineering, genome editing, and optogenetics to study how disruption of protein-RNA interactions contributes to neurological disorders.

    Main Activities:

    The core research topics in the lab include:

    • Evolution of alternative transcriptomes during cell lineage commitment
    • Regulating the regulators: what controls the activities of RNA-binding proteins?
    • Tool development: methods to study cell-to-cell communication
    • Non-coding RNA in gene transcription and cancer development


    • a strong background in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and genetics
    • prior experience with neurobiology, stem cell biology and/or computational biology is desirable


    Jernej Murn, PhD

    Department of Biochemistry

    University of California, Riverside

    3401 Watkins Drive

    Boyce Hall 4489

    Riverside, CA  92521-0129

    Tel: (951) 827-4267


    To apply, please email the following to Jernej:

    • A short cover letter describing your research interests and motivation for joining our lab
    • Your CV with a list of publications and contact information of three referees


  2. Research engineer (12 months)
    Research Unit : UMR 8227: Integrative biology of marine models
    Laboratory Location: Station Biologique de Roscoff (on the north coast of Brittany, FRANCE)
    Function: Design and engineering works
    MISSION :The research activity will be done in the team « Translation, Cell Cycle and Development ». It consists in the design and developments of biochemical methods to probe, reveal and analyze structural motifs in various RNAs of diverse origins

    • Ensure the set-up and development of probing methods adapted to RNAS, such as for example, the SHAPE method, to study the regulation of translation which takes place in sea urchin at fertilization.
    • Prepare RNAs samples from cellular extracts and in vitro synthesis
    • Set-up the probing conditions in diverse media (buffers, extracts, in vivo) with several probes (the SHAPE probes, DMS, CMCT, RNAses)
    • Set-up the analysis of the probed positions by reverse-transcription and sequence analysis with gels and sequencers
    • Prepare the transitions towards probing a large number of RNAs and NGS


    • Design the experiments (probing and analysis) and controls in an autonomous way; integrate controls, benchmarking, statistical analysis as well as security measures
    • Organize the work for future exploitation and presentations (team level, meetings, publications)
    • Report of the progress on a regular basis, redaction of technical notes and protocoles
    • Manage equipment, stocks and data bases of the project
    • Technology monitoring to watch novel techniques related to structural probing or sequencing
    • Supervise and train students and team members in the methods used


    • Proficiency in RNA biochemistry; preliminary experiences with RNA manipulation is required.
    • General knowledge of molecular and cellular biology. Formation in chemistry will be an asset.
    • Functioning principles and usage of the aparatus used in the domain (such as sequencers, electrophoresis, thermocyclers, etc …)


    Dr. Anne-Catherine Dock-Bregeon:, Integrative Biology of Marine Models Laboratory; Station Biologique de Roscoff (29680 ROSCOFF FRANCE)



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