Job offers

  1. Two postdoctoral positions on RNA regulations in cancer.
    Stéphan Vagner group  Institut Curie, Paris, France.

    We are seeking two highly motivated postdocs to join our lab studying RNA regulations in cancer, specifically for the following two projects:
    (i) translation regulation in drug-resistant cancer cells
    (ii) regulation of intronic polyadenylation in response/ resistance to genotoxic drugs.

    These projects are based on our previous work, mainly: Cerezo et al., Nat Med 2018; Boussemart et al., Nature 2014; Dutertre et al., Nat Comm 2014, TIBS 2014, J Mol Biol 2017. 

    The host team “RNA biology, signaling and cancer” is led by Stéphan VAGNER, includes 5 researchers, 4 engineers, 2 postdocs and 3 PhD students, and is part of the Department “Genotoxic stress and cancer” (UMR-3348 CNRS) at Institut Curie.

    Website: cell-signaling-and-cancer-axis/umr3348-genotoxic-stress-and-cancer/team-vagner/ 

    Institut Curie is an internationally renowned foundation devoted to cancer care and clinical, transfer and basic research (from physics to biology). The institute has various technology platforms (including high-throughput sequencing, proteomics, bioinformatics, CRISPR, imaging, cell screening, in vivo and preclinical investigation, chemical library, tumor collections, etc.). With more than 80 nationalities, English is the commonly used language in the institute and in the lab. 

    Required skills: Candidates must hold a PhD and be the first author of at least one accepted publication. Skills in molecular biology are required; expertise in RNA biology / post-transcritonal gene regulation is strongly desired. 

    Salary is available for 1 year but successful candidates will be expected to apply for their own postdoctoral fellowship. 

    Project supervisors: Stéphan VAGNER and Martin DUTERTRE 

    Application: Please send your CV, motivation letter and 2 letters of support to


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