Job offers

  1. Tenure track RNA chemist.
    The Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts ( and the Center for Bioactive Delivery at the Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS, are embarking on a strategic hiring program enabled by the creation of this Institute.  Applications are invited for a full-time, tenure track faculty position in the Chemistry Department at the Assistant Professor level to begin September 2018 or thereafter.   We would also consider candidates at other levels, commensurate with experience. We seek applicants who will develop or continue a vigorous research program in the use of or delivery of biomolecules, particularly RNA and proteins for the development of therapeutic candidates to treat diseases or disorders.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, siRNA/miRNA methodologies or delivery technologies, mRNA-based therapies, RNA/protein design, selection or engineering, and novel genome editing technologies. The full details of this position can be found at:

  2. Postdoctoral Fellow (two years or more; position is available starting October 2017)Research Unit: Department of Biochemistry

    Laboratory Location: University of California, Riverside, USA

    Function: Research of RNA biology and epigenetics in neurons and stem cells.

    Mission: We investigate the function and phenotypic impact of RNA-binding proteins in two cellular paradigms: 1) neuronal differentiation and neuronal activity-dependent responses, and 2) stem cell maintenance, with an eye toward a related process of cancer development. We employ a broad range of biochemical, genetic, cellular, and computational approaches to obtain a systems-level understanding of the regulatory roles of protein–RNA complexes. We also develop novel methods combining bioengineering, genome editing, and optogenetics to study how disruption of protein-RNA interactions contributes to neurological disorders.

    Main Activities:

    The core research topics in the lab include:

    • Evolution of alternative transcriptomes during cell lineage commitment
    • Regulating the regulators: what controls the activities of RNA-binding proteins?
    • Tool development: methods to study cell-to-cell communication
    • Non-coding RNA in gene transcription and cancer development


    • a strong background in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and genetics
    • prior experience with neurobiology, stem cell biology and/or computational biology is desirable


    Jernej Murn, PhD

    Department of Biochemistry

    University of California, Riverside

    3401 Watkins Drive

    Boyce Hall 4489

    Riverside, CA  92521-0129

    Tel: (951) 827-4267


    To apply, please email the following to Jernej:

    • A short cover letter describing your research interests and motivation for joining our lab
    • Your CV with a list of publications and contact information of three referees


  3. Research engineer (12 months)
    Research Unit : UMR 8227: Integrative biology of marine models
    Laboratory Location: Station Biologique de Roscoff (on the north coast of Brittany, FRANCE)
    Function: Design and engineering works
    MISSION :The research activity will be done in the team « Translation, Cell Cycle and Development ». It consists in the design and developments of biochemical methods to probe, reveal and analyze structural motifs in various RNAs of diverse origins

    • Ensure the set-up and development of probing methods adapted to RNAS, such as for example, the SHAPE method, to study the regulation of translation which takes place in sea urchin at fertilization.
    • Prepare RNAs samples from cellular extracts and in vitro synthesis
    • Set-up the probing conditions in diverse media (buffers, extracts, in vivo) with several probes (the SHAPE probes, DMS, CMCT, RNAses)
    • Set-up the analysis of the probed positions by reverse-transcription and sequence analysis with gels and sequencers
    • Prepare the transitions towards probing a large number of RNAs and NGS


    • Design the experiments (probing and analysis) and controls in an autonomous way; integrate controls, benchmarking, statistical analysis as well as security measures
    • Organize the work for future exploitation and presentations (team level, meetings, publications)
    • Report of the progress on a regular basis, redaction of technical notes and protocoles
    • Manage equipment, stocks and data bases of the project
    • Technology monitoring to watch novel techniques related to structural probing or sequencing
    • Supervise and train students and team members in the methods used


    • Proficiency in RNA biochemistry; preliminary experiences with RNA manipulation is required.
    • General knowledge of molecular and cellular biology. Formation in chemistry will be an asset.
    • Functioning principles and usage of the aparatus used in the domain (such as sequencers, electrophoresis, thermocyclers, etc …)


    Dr. Anne-Catherine Dock-Bregeon:, Integrative Biology of Marine Models Laboratory; Station Biologique de Roscoff (29680 ROSCOFF FRANCE)



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