– “Computational genomics and RNA biology”. September 25-29, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, Max Delbruck Center, Berlin, Germany.

EMBO Courses:

“iCLIP: Genomic views of protein-RNA interactions”. March 26, April 1 2017, Mainz, Germany.


“Non-coding RNAs in Nervous System Development, Plasticity and Disease”. June 21-24 2017, Marburg, Germany.

“Non-coding RNAs in Cancer and Development”. May 8th 2017, The Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.

•RNA Society:

“RNA 2017”. May 30-June 3 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.

EMBO Conferences:

“Eukaryotic RNA turnover”. July 10-13 2017, Oxford, UK.

“RNA localisation and local translation”. July 23-27 2017, Reykjavík, Iceland.

“Protein synthesis and translational control”. September 6-9 2017, Heidelberg, Germany.

•Keystone Meetings:

“DNA and RNA methylation”. January 25-28 2018, Vancouver, Canada.

“Non-coding RNAs: form, function, phisiology”. February 25-March 1 2018, Keystone, Colorado, USA.

• CSHL Meetings:

“Eukaryotic mRNA processing”. August 22-17 2017, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA.

“Mechanisms of eukaryotic trancription”. August 29- September 2 2017, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA.